Our values

Literature and the arts often herald the future helping us understand our world and what our values are. Some years ago, Italo Calvino, one of Italy’s most important 20th century writers, looked into the past to see what values should guide us in the future. In “Six Memos for the new Millennium” he identified six core values worth preserving and promoting: lightness; quickness; exactitude; visibility; multiplicity and coherence. Nctm is working with these values as it develops and grows.
My confidence in the future of literature consists in the knowledge that there are things that only literature can give us, by means specific to it. I would therefore like to devote these lectures to certain values, qualities, or peculiarities of literature that are very close to my heart, trying to situate them within the perspective of the new millennium.
Italo Calvino
  • Lightness
  • Quickness
  • Exactitude
  • Visibility
  • Multiplicity
  • Coherence
Lightness for me goes with precision and determination, not with vagueness and the haphazard. Paul Valery said: Il faut etre léger comme l´oiseau, et non comme la plume.
Italo Calvino
Only a creature that is light can be precise and determined. These qualities, this lightness, says Calvino, is achieved not through soft feathers floating in the air but in complex organisms with many parts. Like law firms.
Our work is based on discipline, learning, experience, tough stands, communication and organisation. Lightness puts wings on the complex interactions and hard work that is our daily practice. It helps our advice soar above the surface, showing our clients paths along which their objectives can be reached.
Quickness of style and thought means above all agility, mobility, and ease, all qualities that go with writing where it is naturale to digress, to jump from one subject to another, to lose the thread a hundred times and find it again after a hundred more twists and turn.
Italo Calvino
Quickness for Nctm means quickly understanding the problem, a quick response to clients, a quickness of mind that is free and independent, an agility, mobility and ease in finding solutions and ensuring quality in our work. Quickness is being awake to what is happening today and seeing what it means for the future.
o my mind, exactitude means a well-defined and well-calculated plan for the work in question.
Italo Calvino
Exactitude, in the sense of well defined plans, is exactly what Nctm is all about. We have a clear strategy as to where we want to be. A strategy that is shared among our professionals and with our clients. Nctm’s strategy is to grow in quality and in the skills available to clients by recruiting the best lawyers for the job. Our strategy is to provide sharp strategic advice to our clients and to execute it effectively. We pride ourselves on our precision in the way Calvino conceived it.
If I have included visibility in my list of values to be saved, it is to give warning of the danger we run in losing a basic human faculty: the power of bringing visions into focus with our eyes shut, of bringing forth forms and colors from the lines of black letters on a white page, and infact of thinking in terms of images.
Italo Calvino
Calvino rightly admires that magical flash which comes to those on top of their professions, to close their eyes and see solutions. This vision is not vague or haphazard guesswork. It is the result of long training, organisation and work.
Nctm commits extensive resources to choosing the right professionals, to making information available to them and in allowing their talents to shine through.
We encourage innovation. But our advice is always rooted in a fundamental understanding of the law and our role in relation to clients.
Nctm is Italian but not provincial. Its benchmark is global, not local. Its offices are in Italy and outside of Italy. It is fiercely independent but works closely with many law firms in different jurisdictions. It works from the outside into Italy and from Italy to the world. We are strong in Italy and we are a good firm to work with.
Italo Calvino
Una solida cultura domestica aperta al mondo: Nctm è uno studio indipendente italiano con una spiccata vocazione all’internazionalità, al networking e alle buone relazioni.
Il confronto con i grandi player internazionali è costante e la strategia delle sedi estere assicura una solidità internazionale del network, rete preziosa per coltivare e dare sostegno a progetti di grande respiro in uno scenario sempre più allargato.
Coherence, both for Calvino and Nctm, closes the circle. It brings all the values together. Nctm has its roots in the past. Its trunk stands solidly in the present, and its branches reach into the future. There is a coherent balance between our values, our past and our future, our knowledge and our desire to learn, the old world and the new.