Invest in Italy Roadshow

The Sherwood Taipei, Section 3, Minsheng East Road, Distretto di Songshan, Taipei, Taiwan

Enrico Toti and Laura Formichella organized the roundtable “Invest in Italy Roadshow“, in collaboration with numerous institutions, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Bank of Italy, the ITA / ICE (Italian Trade Agency) and Borsa Italiana.

The IETCPO (Italian Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Office) and the TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) will also participate.

Davide Giglio, Head of the Italian Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Office in Taipei and Johnson Chang, Director General of European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take part in the introductory greetings,

The first part will be attended by Angelo Cicogna, Head of the Bank of Italy Representative Office in Tokyo, in the panel “The Italian Economy: Recent Developments and Future Prospects” and Francesca Chieti, Head of Institutional Investors Business Development, Borsa Italiana – London Stock Exchange Group in the panel “The Italian Market: Ready to Connect”.

The second part will feature Massimiliano Iacchini, Head of the Office for Foreign Investments to Italy, Directorate-General for Country Promotion, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, ITALY in the panel “The new role of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in International Trade & Investment policies “, Paolo Quattrocchi, Director of Italian Trade Agency in Taipei, in the panel” Italy-Taiwan trade exchanges “and Lukas Plattner, Equity Partner of Nctm Studio Legale in the panel” Investing in Private and Public Italian Companies “.

The meeting will take place at the Sherwood Hotel in Taipei.

Here the complete program.


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