Art and its market are an area with great potential for investors, collectors, enthusiasts, professionals, territory and institutions.

Nctm was the first Studio to establish its own collection and also to create an international project to support art (nctm e l’arte). This includes the organization of cultural events and the support of artists and art projects.

Thanks to its deep-rooted activity, Nctm is recognized as one of the industry’s leading players, assisting and connecting private clients, companies, lenders and institutions on the realization of their art projects.

Our Art Law team includes experts from all legal areas functional to the industry: intellectual property law, tax and customs law, insurance law, family law and succession, as well as corporate criminal law, both domestically and internationally.

Our judicial and extrajudicial expertise, amongst other things, covers the following activities:

  • contracts for artists, galleries, collectors, auction houses, private bankers, art dealers, artists’ archives and cultural institutions;
  • day-to-day legal advise for private bankers;
  • authenticity, provenance and related due diligence of artworks;
  • management, valorisation and protection of collections and cultural heritage;
  • donations, successions and generational transfers of artworks and collections;
  • e-commerce and related tax profiles;
  • taxation of art market operators;
  • tax and customs profiles of the circulation of artworks;
  • legal profiles of the conservation and restoration of artworks;
  • lending, insurance and transport of artworks;
  • copyright protection;
  • droit de suite;
  • establishment, start-up and legal support in the organization and management of artists’ archives, cultural institutions and trusts;
  • protection and valorisation of cultural heritage and administrative litigation;
  • criminal protection of artworks and cultural property and return procedures;
  • compliance (GDPR, anti-money laundering and Legislative Decree No. 231/2001) for galleries, auction houses, antique dealers, art dealers and cultural institutions;
  • pledging of artworks and collections.