The art market is considered a very important and constantly developing asset for investors, collectors, enthusiasts, sector operators, galleries, museums and auction houses, and precisely for this reason it needs to be protected and enhanced.

Relying on the value of caring for art and artists, as well as on a specific knowledge of its dynamics, ADVANT Nctm was the first firm not only to have its own collection, but also to create an international art support project (nctm e l’arte), which also involves organising cultural events and supporting artists and their projects.

Art law professionals aim to propose effective solutions in all legal areas functional to the sector, both at domestic and international level and, namely, in the following areas:

  • contracts for artists, galleries, collectors, auction houses, art dealers, artists’ archives and cultural institutions;
  • day-to-day legal advice for private bankers;
  • authenticity and provenance of artworks, related due diligence and handling of litigation;
  • management, value enhancement and protection of art collections and artistic heritage;
  • donations, successions and generational transfers of artworks and collections;
  • e-commerce and related tax implications;
  • tax and customs implications of the circulation of artworks;
  • legal implications of the conservation and restoration of artworks;
  • lending, insurance and transport of artworks;
  • copyright protection;
  • establishment, start-up and assistance in the organisation and management of artists’ archives, cultural institutions and trusts;
  • protection and value enhancement of cultural assets and administrative disputes;
  • criminal protection of artworks and cultural assets and restitution procedures;
  • privacy and anti-money laundering compliance.