China Desk

The approach to the Chinese market requires particular experience and understanding.  An in-depth knowledge of the country and also the culture and peculiarities which define it, is essential.

Nctm, with its office in Shanghai, is one of the few Italian law firms licensed by the PRC Ministry of Justice to operate in China.

Our China Desk professionals speak fluent Chinese, have a deep knowledge of Chinese cultural and professional background, and over twenty years experience in both the accompaniment of Italian companies wishing to expand into the Chinese market, also by establishing a direct presence, and in assisting Chinese companies (including the principle public and private groups in the industrial, banking, aeronautical and telecommunications sectors) in relation to their investments and exceptional transactions in Italy.  We provide assistance with mergers and acquisitions and routine business in our country in areas of employment law, tax law and litigation.

In particular, with the knowledge of the territory and of the complex Chinese administrative apparatus, Nctm can provide complete and personalised legal services.

Our assistance includes:

  • Advice and assistance in M​​&A transactions in relation to the preparation of the relevant contractual documentation for the fulfilment of corporate obligations, local regulatory and administrative aspects, the performance of due diligence, and the attainment of the relative approvals.
  • IP Consulting in the activity of monitoring the protection of the brand and in the management of disputes in the case of violation of industrial property rights in the PRC.
  • Specialist, occasional or continuative contracts, both for Italian companies approaching the Chinese market, and Chinese companies present in Italy. With regard to the former, we provide advice in all activities aimed at establishing contractual relationships with local operators, for production, purchase, sale and distribution on the Chinese market.
  • Advice and assistance in the field of Employment Law: preparation and review of employment contracts, company regulations, policies. With the help of Chinese specialists, we provide assistance in resolving employment disputes, restructuring and managing trade union issues in China.
  • Judicial consultancy: at pre-litigation stage in the preparation of settlement agreements and, through our Chinese colleagues, in the litigation phase with the judicial authorities and the Chinese arbitration institutions.