Entertainment is increasingly important in the daily life of individuals and companies, intersecting with traditional sectors and moving into areas traditionally far from entertainment. With the evolution of the sector, it has become important to define specialized and diversified skills in order to manage the different legal aspects involved.

Nctm assists Italian and international companies, on standard and non-standard operations, in all areas of law converging in entertainment, in particular music, games, video games, cinema, home video and television, with a vast and consolidated experience in contractual matters, regulating and in litigation.

Our expertise in the entertainment industry includes:

  • assistance in the negotiation and drafting of all contracts concerning:
    • the transfer, permanent or temporary, of copyright or related rights;
    • the license of personality rights (image, name, pseudonym)
    • the production of cinematographic works, sound and video recordings, television shows and video games;
    • the organization and management of live performances;
    • joint management of copyrights (cinematographic and television co-production, co-ordination);
    • exploitation in all forms of protected works;
    • online use of intellectual works;
  • assistance in all procedures to obtain national and European film subsidies;
  • assistance, in all registration procedures to subscribe to collecting societies of artists, authors and publishers;
  • assistance in all disputes for the protection of intellectual property.

The cross-practice vision of the firm allows us to offer a complete and personalized service. The focus teams are tailored to the needs of the client by combining the skills necessary to address the issues in question.