Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)

Italian legislation on the Environmental and Health and Safety matters is extremely complex, both as a result of the stratification of sector regulations issued over the years, and as a result of the numerous rulings which inevitably influence the application of the Law.

Our Environmental, Health and Safety team is composed of specialised professionals who have a consolidated experience in providing out-of-Court and Court driven advice and assistance, and in-house training to company management.

Nctm’s professionals specialised in Environmental, Health and Safety matters, deal with:

  • Assistance and consultancy on administrative authorizations in environmental matters for various sector profiles (water, air, waste);
  • Assistance in Environmental Impact Assessment and Integrated Environmental Authorization procedures;
  • Audit of regulatory compliance and due diligence;
  • Assistance on the reclamation of contaminated sites;
  • Legal advice in the implementation of organizational models for the prevention of administrative liability of legal entities, pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01;
  • Legal advice on the implementation of environmental management systems;
  • Assistance in the preparation of function delegation;
  • Assistance in the stipulation of insurance contracts;
  • Assistance during inspections of the Supervisory and Control Authorities;
  • Crisis management;
  • Defence in proceedings resulting from disputed violations of environmental regulations;
  • Defence in Court-driven proceedings concerning environmental damage;
  • Defence in Civil Court proceedings related to environmental issues;
  • Support in Court driven proceedings for the suspension and cancellation of measures by the Public Administration;
  • Defence in proceedings related to disputed violation of workplace safety regulations;
  • Defence of legal entities in disputed administrative liability pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01;
  • Defence in administrative proceedings for temporary withdrawal from the market and prohibition of use of machines, equipment or assemblies that jeopardize the safety of persons and/or property;
  • Classroom training; and
  • Updating on regulatory and legal news.

The team supports Italian and international clients in all their projects, from the interpretation of regulations to organizational adjustment, in particular in chemical, engineering, pharmaceutical, infrastructure, food, shipping, production of ceramics and bricks, energy, transport, large-scale distribution and telecommunications.