International Desk

Every business activity in the digital era crosses national boundaries: products and services are designed with a global perspective and, therefore, for every company it is important to have an overview of the jurisdictions of the various countries and international regulations.
Nctm’s International Desk is composed of a team of professionals, lawyers and accountants, working in the Italian and foreign offices of the Firm. We assist Italian companies worldwide in all phases of their internationalization process.

The first phase includes, among others, legal and tax assistance in the creation of a business plan, collection of financial resources, choice of possible partners and protection of intellectual property. In a second phase, we offer advice to the company on the implementation of their project, through progressive stages of development on foreign markets.

In particular, we deal with:

Coordination or aggregation of industrial partners

  • business network contracts (Law 33/2009, Law 99/2009, Law 122/2010);
  • contractual and corporate consortia;
  • common purpose companies;
  • investment agreements and shareholder agreements;
  • antitrust implications.

Finding financial resources

  • transactions on share capital;
  • entry of venture capital or private equity funds;
  • finance contracts (Confindustria agreements);
  • contributions, loans, subsidized loans (law 100/90, legislative decree 143/98, law 133/08)

Protection of intellectual property

  • clearance search;
  • registration of trademarks and patents on an international scale;
  • know-how protection;
  • stability and non-competition agreements with referenced personnel;
  • prevention of unfair competition.

Tax planning

  • tax structuring of foreign business investment in compliance with Italian and foreign legislation;
  • analysis of CFC (Controlled Foreign Companies) impact provisions;
  • transfer pricing;
  • analysis of VAT problems.

Indirect export

  • general terms of sale and purchase;
  • Incoterms;
  • letters of credit;
  • international contracts on goods;
  • offer and execution guarantees;
  • letters of patronage and autonomous guarantees;
  • insurance policies;
  • international transport and shipping;
  • export controls and authorizations;
  • customs formalities;
  • actions and remedies against counterfeiting of goods.

Direct export

  • temporary associations and consortia;
  • distribution contracts, agency, franchising;
  • patent, trademark, know-how licenses.

Establishment of a foreign office

  • representative offices, secondary offices;
  • wholly-owned companies;
  • ordinary companies;
  • identification of corporate form and governance and related status;
  • structure verification and reliability of the local partner;
  • joint venture or shareholder contracts;
  • constitution documents (board resolutions, powers of attorney, letters of comfort);
  • acquisitions of companies;
  • licensing or technology transfer agreements;
  • leases of foreign offices, bank relationships;
  • identification and booking of trade names;
  • licenses and authorizations;
  • notification and antitrust clearance on mergers;
  • secondment of personnel abroad.

International litigation

  • civil and commercial mediation;
  • arbitration proceedings, also before foreign or international Courts of arbitration.

We assist Italian companies operating in various sectors, which have or intend to expand their interests beyond national borders.

Our team works directly or collaborating with a wide range of independent legal and tax firms, selected among the best internationally.

For the clients this means having a single interlocutor, close to them, capable of interpreting exactly their needs and transferring them to the best qualified partners, which also guarantees the quality of the final result.


In addition, our management system, which can be consulted via the Internet in a protected mode, gives the client immediate access and a precise update on the practice procedures and a constant picture of the work in progress in the various countries.