Luxury and Fashion

ADVANT Nctm’s luxury department advises its clients on all types of products (e.g. cars, jewellery) and services (luxury hotels) included in the luxury segment.

ADVANT Nctm’s fashion department advises clients ranging from casual to ready-to-wear and haute couture, and includes artists and designers, but also fashion houses and raw material suppliers, production and tailoring companies, and the various categories of suppliers, retailers, distributors, agents and traders.

The professionals offer their assistance to companies operating in this sector both at national and international level, for transactions involving business operations in the normal course of business or departing therefrom, with respect to all legal aspects involved (corporate and related to mergers and acquisitions, labour, intellectual property, real estate and taxation) both in and out of court.

Our expertise includes:

  • mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions;
  • e-commerce, IT compliance;
  • strategic, contractual and litigation advice on the protection of trade marks, designs and models;
  • tax advice and planning;
  • advice on all IP-related activities (unfair competition, origin labelling, licensing and distribution agreements, product placement and sponsorship, application of customs regulations, anti-counterfeiting, monitoring), including all related disputes;
  • advice on corporate law;
  • IPOs and extraordinary finance;
  • international taxation;
  • transfer pricing;
  • generational transfers;
  • contracts, outsourcing, contractual relationships with fashion centres, self-employed workers and fashion logistics companies;
  • working relationships in their various forms with employees, directors, consultants, designers, creative and testimonials;
  • tax litigation.