The Firm’s professionals have a strong multidisciplinary approach and an in-depth knowledge of the main dynamics characterising the sector of mobility of people, goods and economies, offering assistance to Italian and international aviation companies, as well as to manufacturers and suppliers of air transport services, Italian and foreign companies engaged in the production and sale of vehicles, motor vehicles and spare parts within the framework of consolidated ongoing relationships with the preparation of sector contracts, compliance with current legislation, regulatory aspects and litigation management. 

The Firm’s services in the Mobility sector include: 

  • preparation and review of import and distribution, supply, licensing and merchandising, transport and handling agreements;  
  • management of relations with national and EU supervisory authorities;  
  • advice on regulatory compliance matters; 
  • reorganization of the sales network and drafting of import/distribution/service/agency agreements; 
  • drafting and review of agreements with train and railway equipment manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, co-marketing, co-branding, licensing, sub-licensing, sponsorship, partnership, merchandising, franchising, car development and engineering, technology framework and testing agreements; 
  • drafting of general terms and conditions of sale and agreements for the production and supply of motor vehicles, rail and air transport agreements, handling agreements, maintenance agreements for air traffic control systems and airport management agreements; 
  • management of relations with end customers in relation to: (i) recall/update campaigns; (ii) warranties/goodwill warranty/service packages; (iii) commercial initiatives aimed at consumers, including competitions/prize competitions, as well as (iv) customer complaints related to vehicle faults and/or defects or contractual breaches of official network dealers; 
  • assistance in IP matters for advertising campaigns (TV/radio/press campaigns), product placement, use of proprietary images; 
  • assistance in privacy (GDPR), antitrust, insurance and regulatory matters; 
  • assistance in judicial or arbitration disputes or in relations with the competent Authorities (including AGCM, Advertising Jury, Privacy Guarantor); 
  • establishment of Foundations and Bodies for the promotion, protection, recovery and dissemination of the brand of motor vehicle manufacturing companies.