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Intellectual Property
Judgment of the CJEU in case C-354/22 on winemaking and wine labelling
Summary A winegrower may use the term ‘wine-growing estate’ in the labelling of his wine, even if the process of grape cultivation and grape pressing took place on the wine-growing estate of another winemaker, at the condition that the pressing process occurs under the...
Energy and Infrastructures
REC: the National Council of Notaries comments on the debated issues and legal forms
At the end of March, the National Council of Notaries published a study regarding the recent regulation of renewable energy community (REC) incentive scheme, offering important insights on various uncertainty profiles, also of significant practical relevance. Some of the key statements of ...
Energy and Infrastructures
The new draft of the Ministerial Decree “FER X”: relevant changes and main novelties
Introduction A new draft of the Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (the so-called “FER X” and, hereinafter also, the “Decree”), implementing Articles 6 and 7 of Legislative Decree...
Real Estate
Metropolitan City of Milan: first three Metropolitan Thematic Territorial Strategies approved
On 28 February, the Milan Metropolitan Council approved the first three Metropolitan Thematic Territorial Strategies (MTTS), prepared in accordance with Article 7-bis of the Rules of Implementation of the Metropolitan Territorial Plan (MTP). MTTS are in-depth and implementation to...
China Data Protectionv Report 2024
This short guide will help you navigate through the data security management laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”). Click here for the entire docu...
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