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Capital Markets
The Renaissance of EU Capital Markets
By Oxford Business Law Blog The main goal of the recently published Technical Expert Stakeholder Group (TESG) Report is to start t...
Insurance Law
IVASS publishes Regulation n. 48 of 2021 containing provisions on capital additions referred to in Title III, article 47-sexies and Title XV, article 216-septies of the Italian Private Insurance Code
On 13 July 2021, IVASS published Regulation n. 48 of 2021 (“Reg. 48/21“), implementing the rules on the process of adopting capital add-ons provided for in Articles 47-sexies and 216-septies of Legislative Decree No. 209 of 7 September 2005 (Italian ...
Memorandum on the Chinese GDPR – The new “Personal Information Protection Law”. Implications and consequences
Introduction The recent legislative activity in the People’s Republic of China regarding the protection of personal data has attracted the attention not only of operators in the sector but also of the daily news, thanks to a series of strict stances taken by the control ...
Antitrust & Competition Law
Nctm comments to the proposal for a proposal on foreign subsidies distorting the internal market
Nctm participated in the public consultation promoted by the European Commission on the proposal for a Regulation aimed at remedying the distortions caused by foreign subsidies in the internal market. Luca Toffoletti and Francesco Mazzocchi’s contribution on the prop...
About Pharma and Medical Devices
Corporate & Commercial Law
Pharmaceutical companies at the test of telemedicine
Reducing the distances imposed by the measures for containment of contagion in order to regularly provide patients with healthcare services: this is the reason for the growing interest of the world of health – including the Ministry of Health –  in telemedicine and related applicatio...
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