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Employment and Industrial Relations
Dismissal for exceeding the grace period and disability Case law on disability and indirect discrimination in determining the grace period
A new case law approach is noteworthy, which sees dismissal  of workers with disabilities by reason of exceeding the grace period as a form of indirect discrimination. Such approach is based on the principles dictated by Directive 2000/78/EC establishing a “general framework for equ...
Corporate and Commercial
Ukraine Crisis – Sanctions (update 7 march 2023)
This memorandum is not intended to be exhaustive and has the sole purpose of providing a preliminary overview of the sanctions imposed, and in the process of being imposed, against Russia, with a particular focus on the sanctions adopted by the European Union and some othe...
Banking and Finance
Summary of the key features of the non-possessory pledge
The following table looks at the key features of the non-possessory pledge (pegno mobiliare non possessorio), a security interest introduced in Italy by Law Decree no. 59 of 3 May 2016. Its regulation has long remained unfinished, pending the adoption of impleme...
2023 Budget Law: Substitute taxation on undistributed earnings from blacklisted companies
According to 2023 Budget Law, profit and non-distributed profit reserves accrued by foreign participated company, benefitting from a preferential tax regimes, can voluntarily be subject to a reduced substitute tax, compared to the Italian corporation income tax ordinarily applicable upon their di...
Antitrust and Competition
Below-thresholds mergers: new powers of the Italian Competition Authority clarified in dedicated Guidelines – some initial thoughts
A few weeks ago, the long-awaited Guidelines on brand-new “calling-in” powers for certain concentrations have been published by the Italian Competition Authority. Whilst only applications (no decisions have yet been issued, nor proceedings opened) will provide further clarity, some pra...
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