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Art and rights: a critical look at the present

The 2019 schedule of nctm e l’arte revolves around the topics of rights, justice and law as seen through the prism of art.
This makes explicit the focus, in connection with the activity of Nctm Studio Legale, which is behind the choices made over the past eight years of the project.

The schedule involves:
– a series of talks, open to the general public, with world-renowned artists whose work is focused on the underpinnings of respect, law and justice. The first artists to be met will be Marinella Senatore, Adrian Paci and Krzysztof Wodiczko;
– laboratories designated for the firm’s professionals, the first of which will be coordinated by Uriel Orlow;
– a performance created by Marinella Senatore especially for us, entitled Protest Forms: Memory and Celebration. Public opinion descends upon the demonstrators;
– the juxtaposition of Incomers, Krzysztof Wodiczko’s public project organised by the New York arts non-profit More Art.

Event calendar:
•               21 February – Talk with Marinella Senatore, Protest Forms: Memory and Celebration
Senatore’s work takes the form of collective performances, including on a large scale, which vitally convey messages of inclusion and participation through the use of different languages.

•               6 March – Talk with Adrian Paci, Art, justice and adjustment practices
Travel, crossing, the waiting and expectation of the future as well as the concept of migraticità(in Gabi Scardi’s words), understood as the condition most peculiar to the man and the artist, are central to Adrian Paci’s work and thought, which are focused on the need to relate with the context based on principles of justice and respect.

•               22 March – Talk with Krzysztof Wodiczko, Dissolving Borders: Art, Counter Surveillance and Technology 
Wodiczko combines the use of new technologies with close attention to social and political marginalisation. With personal commitment, the artist tries to disclose lives and stories that would otherwise go untold, creating common platforms. His attention is often focused on monuments and historical buildings, which are critically reinterpreted in their historical meaning and then turned into places for meeting and dialogue.

•               6 April – Performance by Marinella Senatore
On the occasion of Miartand Art Week 2019, Marinella Senatore will stage, at the office of Nctm Studio Legale, the performance Protest Forms: Memory and Celebration. Public opinion descends upon the demonstrators, a new chapter of the homonymous project.

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