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ADVANT launches its international team dedicated to the Unified Patent Court

The Milan division of the Unified Patent Court, which will rule within certain timelines on important disputes relating the new unitary patent, will be a driving force to the advantage of Italy’s competitiveness and technological innovation” says Paolo Lazzarino, Partner of ADVANT Nctm and member of the Study Commission on the Unified Patent Court set up by the Milan Bar Association.  “The choice of Milan as the third seat of the Unified Patent Court, after those of Munich and Paris, although the Milanese seat will not have full jurisdiction given the exclusions in the chemical-pharmaceutical field, certainly represents a very important result for Italy and for the city”.

ADVANT, backed by an integrated group of professionals specialising in patent litigation in France, Germany and Italy, has formed an international team dedicated to UPC litigation. ADVANT’s Italian team is ready for the launch of the Unified Patent Court (UPC), which will open a branch office also in Milan, after Munich and Paris.

The Unified Patent Court, a new European system with its own rules and operating predominantly in English, will make decisions on patent infringement and patent revocation actions, which will extend to most European economies.

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