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Nctm with Linde Medicale: the Lazio Regional Administrative Court accepts the appeals

With three judgments published on 24 April 2018, Lazio TAR annulled the decision of the Antitrust Authority, made in the preliminary investigation I-792 (19 January 2017), which ascertained infringements relating to three tenders for the supply of oxygen therapy and ventilotherapy services.

The TAR referred back to the Authority for the recalculation of a single penalty, while those relating to the other two tenders, of a greater amount, were cancelled. Overall, the acceptance of the appeals reduced ten times the total amount of the sanctions originally imposed.

Linde Medicale was assisted by Nctm, with Luca Toffoletti, Giuliano Berruti and Alessandro De Stefano. The in-house legal team of Linde Medicale was composed of Francesco Bruno and Davide Silvi.

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