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Newsletter | Shipping and Transport Bulletin | November 2022
“Dear readers, I do not hide a thread of emotion in informing you all that, after about ten years, this will be the last number of our Shipping and Transport Bulletin (at least as you got used to know it until today). However, we do not intend to stop l...
ADVANT Pulse – Your Labour & Employment News
We are pleased to provide you with the first edition of ADVANT Pulse, a periodic newsletter full of content and guidance on a number of important issues for Labour and Employment. These articles come from across our member firms – ADVANT Altana in France...
Newsletter | Shipping and Transport Bulletin | March 2022
In this issue: We get back onto a topic which is now widely discussed and which we already had the chance to address in the previous issues of our Bulletin: the draft of the Italian Annual Competition Law. Let’s consider the most relevant aspects of this draft regarding the ...
Newsletter | Shipping and Transport Bulletin | July – November 2021
In this issue: We are once again returning to the taxation of Italian ports. The counter-appeal filed by the European Commission in response to the appeal of Italian Port System Authorities has certainly not gone unnoticed. Let’s analyze the main maxims of this counter-appeal of the Euro...
Newsletter | Shipping & Transport Bulletin | April – June 2021
In this issue: We have already dealt extensively with the new guidelines on the award of concessions for port towage. Said guidelines were first applied in the context of the call for tenders published in February of this year by the Harbour Master’s Office of Savona.  In light of this ...
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