White Collar Crime and Compliance

ADVANT Nctm provides advice on Corporate Criminal Law to Italian and foreign companies, multinationals, listed and unlisted companies as well as to natural persons, both in and out of court, also in favour of victims of unlawful conduct.

Preventive advice is addressed to all those who want to make sure to perform their business and corporate activities acting properly, respecting the criminal law, and covers the entire production sector, from start-ups to companies in need to carry out industrial and corporate restructuring operations when difficulties arise.

The judicial activity is aimed at assisting entities and natural persons – involved in criminal or administrative proceedings with criminal implications – before Judicial Authorities, Courts and Courts of Appeal throughout Italy, before the Supreme Court and before Regulatory Authorities, Consob, Bank of Italy, etc..

Advice is provided on all matters concerning the life of the company, its managers, directors and consultants, with particular reference to the following areas:

• Environment
• Safety at work
• Cyber Security
• Data Protection
• Protection of Privacy
• Protection of Image rights
• Protection of Intellectual property
• Corporate Crime
• Financial Crime
• Tax Crime
• Professional Misconduct
• Drafting of Compliance Programs and relevant criminal aspects under the regulations on administrative liability of entities pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.

Thanks to its participation in the ICC-Fraudnet Network, created and founded in 2004 by ICC and currently made up of approximately eighty lawyers based all over the world, ADVANT Nctm offers its clients legal advice in disputes with transnational implications, helping them, when they are victims of illegal activities, to recover assets, even when such disputes involve countries where banking secrecy is in force (the so-called tax havens).