IT and Data

Our team dedicated to IT and Data, strengthened by solid experience and constant updates in the sector, deals with the complete spectrum of legal profiles relating to the matter.

Our professionals, specializing in privacy offer assistance in data protection and use, also in relation to profiling and marketing techniques, more and more common in the era of big data. We offer continuous assistance to companies, providing a true “360-degree privacy impact assessment”.

Our competence in the field of Information Technology is marked by a strong knowledge of innovation and strategic processes. Our lawyers guarantee a constantly updated service on digital technology, which has revolutionized the availability and sharing of data beyond the physical (dematerialisation), temporal (real time) and jurisdictional (cloud) boundaries traditionally focused and regulated, and for the new economy, the dematerialization of money transfers through E-Payment.

Our profound knowledge of the market, built through a deep specialization gained over the years, allows us to help improve the specific business objectives of our customers.

Our professionals mainly deal with:

  • Compliance;
  • Data protection and Data security;
  • Big Data and Open data;
  • Drafting and revision of contracts relating to, or involving the processing of personal data (contracts for the sale of databases, commercial information, statistical surveys, marketing);
  • processing of personal data for marketing purposes, commercial communication (marketing using automated systems, telemarketing, spam and soft-spam, e-commerce) and profiling;
  • Cyber ​​Security, secure data protection and transmission, computer authentication, IT risk analysis, breach and countermeasure techniques, security techniques in web and mobile applications, websites and social networks and cloud systems;
  • Audit of legal compliance, opinions, preparation of documents and judicial assistance;
  • Correct identification of roles and responsibilities, configuration of promotional campaigns, stipulation of contracts for the purchase and sale of databases and information sharing agreements;
  • Preparation and updating of T&C (Terms & Conditions) and privacy policy of websites, social networks, online games and prize competitions, mobile applications;
  • Repression of offenses carried out through the network (phishing, data breach, data theft).
  • Complaints / appeal / reporting, inspection and verification procedures promoted by the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data;
  • Training and updating of professionals on protection of personal data and current legislation;
  • Web Reputation for both individuals and legal entities (analysis and monitoring of the online reputation of brands, products and services), the right to be forgotten and online information already collected;
  • Due diligence reports.

Thanks to a cross-practice vision, which is realized by the creation of ad hoc teams on customer needs, we can offer complete and multidisciplinary assistance: from correct compliance with employees, in strict correlation with the applicable work rules (video surveillance, BYOD- Bring your own device, DLP-Digital Light Processing, biometrics, forensic tools, use of sensitive data), the dynamics of business, in particular in the marketing, profiling, data transfer and communication, up to transfer foreign data, also on M&A transactions, restructuring and securitization.

Our firm has dealt with complex and fundamental operations concerning the processing of personal data both in public and private, in particular in electronic communications, pharmaceutical, consumer credit and insurance, in the brokerage of commercial information, luxury, retail, but also traditional heavy industry, taking care of numerous activities in the field of direct marketing, biometrics, transfer of data abroad through alternative tools to consensus such as Standard Contractual Clauses, Binding Corporate Rules, etc.