Restructuring and Insolvency

A mix of domestic and international clients ensures that this firm is engaged in a steady flow of operations. Sources say: The team is responsive, diligent and works equally well in English and Italian..
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Maintains a strong reputation on the debtor side, but also has expertise in acting for a wide range of other clients, including creditors and government entities, and for organisations post-bankruptcy. Extremely focused on the objective and trying to find a solution that is perfect for our situation
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ADVANT Nctm’s professionals specialising in Restructuring & Turnaround have a well-established experience in respect of the various phases of business crises, restructuring negotiation, insolvency procedures, distressed investment and special opportunities.

Their professionalism and expertise allow them to support clients and management from the moment a crisis arises through the selection of the most appropriate instruments in each specific case, negotiation of solutions in bonis and access to, and management of, bankruptcy proceedings in all phases.

ADVANT Nctm advises debtors in the management of restructuring procedures, creditors and any other parties involved in crisis situations as well as investors interested in acquiring distressed assets.

ADVANT Nctm provides assistance with all specific aspects of crisis situations so as to ensure the most effective management of labour, litigation, fiscal, financial, antitrust, environmental and real estate issues. The multidisciplinary vision of the firm translates into the creation of ad hoc teams tailored to the client’s needs.

In particular, ADVANT Nctm has extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • assistance in developing turnaround projects, identifying the most suitable tools for solving crises;
  • assistance with the preparation and negotiation of reorganization plans, debt restructuring agreements, arrangement with creditors and bankruptcy agreements as well as extraordinary administration procedures;
  • assistance with the acquisition of companies, assets or credits in the context of insolvency procedures and business reorganization;
  • assistance with the protection of net asset positions and the management of ongoing negotiations in the context of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • assistance with proceedings commenced by insolvency bodies, with particular regard to clawback and damage actions in respect of past transactions involving the insolvent company;
  • assistance to insolvency bodies with both legal actions and bankruptcy procedures.