Shipping and Logistics

ADVANT Nctm is a highly experienced law firm that is accomplished in port services and marine cargo, handling a range of advisory and contentious issues, ranging from concession agreements to fleet refinancing and renovation. The team also draws on a strong base of EU law knowledge to advise on regulatory issues, including state aid-related matters. Its lawyers frequently act for ship owners and port concession holders.
Ranked in Band 1 in "Shipping" in Chambers Europe
Ranked in Band 2 in "Shipping: finance" in Chambers Europe

The department is among the most specialised and structured in the Italian scene, providing legal assistance in all major areas of shipping law, from maritime and transport to logistics and port, from shipping finance to aviation and rail.

We assist shipowners, charterers and operators, rail and air transport companies, insurers, banks, investment funds, shipyards, port authorities, as well as terminal, land and rail logistics operators.

In the maritime and logistics fields of law, we deal with:

  • carriage of goods and transport of passengers;
  • maritime insurance, P&I, H&M and cargo insurance, total and constructive loss;
  • shipowners’ and carriers’ liability and limitation of liability;
  • arrest of ships and cargoes;
  • contracts for the employment of ships and aircrafts, bareboat charters, time and voyage charters;
  • sale and purchase of ships and yachts;
  • ship building, repair and conversion of ships and yachts;
  • ship registration, flag deletion and bareboat charter registration;
  • harbour and offshore towage, salvage, assistance to oil platforms and offshore activities;
  • general and particular average, collisions and groundings, damage to quays, port works.

In the port field of law, we deal with:

  • proceedings relating to maritime State concessions or substitutive agreements, authorization to perform port operations and services;
  • management of port terminals, port companies and maritime terminals, self-handling, complaints on abuse of dominant position, access to port infrastructures and services, tariff discrimination and State aids;
  • technical-nautical services (towage, pilotage, mooring and boating);
  • mergers and acquisitions in the port field;
  • claims and insurance in the port field.

In the shipping finance field of law, we deal with:

  • financing transactions relating to the purchase of ships or aircrafts;
  • leasing and sale and leaseback transactions relating to ships or aircrafts;
  • export finance transactions involving ships or aircrafts;
  • debt restructuring and insolvency proceedings relating to shipowners or shipbuilding companies.

In the aviation and rail fields of law, we deal with:

  • litigation regarding air carrier liability;
  • joint venture contracts, handling contracts, service and facility agreements, dry lease and wet lease agreements, air traffic control equipment operation and maintenance contracts, exchange of airport time slots, assistance in matters concerning airport management concessions;
  • matters concerning access to rail network infrastructure and related services, allocation of infrastructure capacity and related charges;
  • matters concerning the regulation of market-based rail services;
  • regulation of the Transport Regulatory Authority (ART).

In the antitrust field of law, we deal with:

  • procedures concerning merger notification at national and European level;
  • anti-competitive agreements between carries/logistic operators, drafting and executing antitrust compliance programs;
  • the filing submissions pursuant the regulation “Golden Power”;
  • call for input procedures before the Italian Transportation Regulatory Authority (ART);

In the compliance field of law, we deal with:

  • organisation, management and control models pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, with specific risk assessment and gap analysis activities;
  • anti-fraud system, aimed at preventing the commission of crimes or other events to the detriment of companies;
  • internal reporting system (whistleblowing);
  • personal data management models pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR);
  • independent internal audits and definition of internal company policies.