Chinese Anti-Dumping Investigation on EU Brandy Imports

On 5 January 2024, the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC (MOFCOM) has launched an anti-dumping investigation on EU-originating brandy import with the following details:

  • period of dumping investigation: 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023.
  • Scope of Investigation: imported spirits made from distilled wine into containers of less than 200 litres originating in the EU.
  • Name of product under investigation: Spirits obtained by distilling wine into containers of less than 200 litres (usually called brandy). Main Use: Mainly used as beverage alcohol for human consumption. This product is classified under the Import and Export Tariff Code of the People’s Republic of China: 22082000. Spirits made from distilled wine in containers of 200 litres and above under this tariff number are not included in the scope of the survey.

Interested parties should register for the anti-dumping investigation with the Trade Remedy Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce within 20 days from 5 January 2024.

Interested parties participating in the investigation must, according to the Reference Form for Registration for Participation in the Investigation, provide basic identification information, the quantity and number of products exported or imported into China, the quantity and number of similar products produced and sold, as well as explanatory materials such as relevant information.

MOFCOM may use questionnaires, sampling, hearings, on-site verification, and other ways to understand the situation.

To obtain the information required for the investigation in this case, MOFCOM usually releases a questionnaire to the interested parties within 10 working days from the closing date of the registration for participation in the investigation.

The information to be provided will range from the structure and operation of the company, the product under investigation, export sales to China, domestic sales, operational and financial information, production costs and related expenses, estimated dumping margins and checklists, as well as the situation of similar products in the country, operation and related information, financial and related information, and other issues that need to be clarified.

If the information submitted by the interested party to the MOFCOM needs to be kept confidential, the interested party may make a request to the MOFCOM for confidential treatment of the relevant information and state the reasons.

Duration of the Investigation The investigation has commenced since 5 January 2024 and should normally be concluded by 5 January 2025, with a six-month extension under special circumstances.

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