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Cross-border Investment, Construction and Dispute Resolution Series Lectures and Training Courses for Foreign-Invested Leading Lawyers in Shandong Province


In order to better provide legal services for Chinese enterprises to “go global”, “Belt and Road” and the construction of free trade zones, the Ministry of Justice and the National Lawyers Association have conducted in-depth research and demonstration, researched and formulated the training program for foreign lawyers leading talents, and focused on cultivating relevant knowledge. Field business and international rules, with a global perspective, rich experience in practice, a combination of law, economics, and foreign language, high-quality lawyers leading talents. In this context, the Shandong Provincial Lawyers Association held a series of “One Belt and One Road” cross-border investment, construction and dispute resolution seminars and training courses for foreign-related leading lawyers in Shandong Province. They were fortunate to participate in this training class and listen to lawyers and experts at home and abroad. I am very honored to teach the course and exchange experience with outstanding foreign lawyers in the province.

The training participants are 50 lawyers selected from the province’s registered lawyers. The courses are: “Indonesian Foreign Investment M&A”—KO BASYUNI (Indonesia), “Top Ten Tips for Helping Overseas Customers to Solve Disputes” —Paul Starr (UK), “Overseas Investment—Focus on Africa”—Jose Lupi (Portugal), “Chinese Enterprises and Lawyers in International Arbitration”—Zhu Yongrui (China), “One Belt, One Road” Initiatives on Chinese companies’ overseas investment legal risks and coping strategies—Li Zhiqiang (China), “Chinese Enterprises Investment in Italy”—Geremia Carlo (Italy), “International Interrogation Witness Cross-examination”—Wang Xuehua (China), The training method is three and a half days of closed training.

Through this training, I have gained a lot and felt deeply. I first learned a lot about foreign legal knowledge:

KO BASYUNI from Indonesia gave a detailed explanation on Indonesia’s investment environment, relevant laws and regulations on investment in Indonesia, negative list of foreign investment in Indonesia, types of companies that foreign companies can establish, OSS system, etc. The investment put forward some more practical suggestions;

Paul Starr, Partner of King & Wood’s Hong Kong office, told us about the Top Ten Tips for Helping Foreign Customers Resolve Disputes, from possible troubles to how to build deals, draft contracts to prevent risks, and how to choose witnesses. In the arbitration, Paul Shida not only taught us relevant legal knowledge, but also conveyed to us an open, humorous, confident and energetic way of speaking; another lawyer of Kindu came from Portugal’s Jose Lupi to us. Introduced issues related to investment in Angola, Africa;

Mr. Zhu Yongrui from Beijing Dacheng Law Firm gave us a humorous and vivid language about the practical issues that Chinese lawyers should understand in international arbitration. The knowledge points are very practical and the whole teaching process is very lively. In addition, from Jinmao Kaide Li Zhiqiang, a law firm, gave a lecture on the legal risks and coping strategies of overseas investment and financing of Chinese companies under the “Belt and Road Initiative”, “Chinese Enterprises Investment in Italy” and “School of China” by Geremia Carlo, an Italian lawyer. Courses such as arbitral witness cross-examination are also very exciting.

In addition, through this training, I have gained more understanding of the current market environment, policy background, and development status of China’s foreign-related legal fields, and my vision has also been broadened. I will continue to study, develop, and develop cases in foreign-related legal fields. The handling has great inspiration.

Of course, through this training, I also realized some of my own shortcomings. From English level to professional knowledge, I need more in-depth study and experience. The so-called plum blossoms come from bitter cold, and the eagle that has survived the storm can have strong wings. I am looking forward to the future.

Finally, I am very happy to meet a group of like-minded friends here, and I am very grateful to the Provincial Lawyers Association for their careful arrangement.



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